Can I place a larger order for a party or event?
Absolutely! If you would like to order a bespoke delivery, please just get in touch and we will happily help where we can.

Will my brownies squeeze through the letterbox?
Depending on the size of your letterbox or the quantity ordered, your delivery might not fit through. No compromise has been made to either the packaging or brownie size, so we have listed the exact size to help give you an idea. There is a comments box upon checkout to give details special delivery details.
L: 17CM x W: 11.5CM x D: 4.3CM

How do I store my brownies and is there a best before?
Your brownies are best kept refrigerated and consumed within one week upon opening. If unopened, they can keep for up to 3 weeks.

I have an allergy, can I still enjoy the brownies?
Please see our Ingredients for what goes into all our food including Gluten free & Vegan options. 

Do you have any other tin messages?
Throughout the year we will release new designs, stories & messages.